Demo: Live Icons in Windows Vista

As described on The Windows Experience Blog, Esther talks about Live Icons, which makes searching even faster by letting you see a preview of the files you’re searching for. If you’re a visual person you’ll especially appreciate seeing icons instead of file names or folders, and not having to open each file individually, which saves a ton of time.

Windows Vista Demo: Instant Search

Esther Choi from Windows Vista Product Management at Microsoft demos the Instant Search feature in Windows Vista. She’s easy to understand, and the points she makes are quite useful.

Top Six Tips Before you Install Vista SP1

Chris Pirillo says “SP1 for Vista is officially out now. There have been issues with the install reported, as can happen when you update anything. Goretsky sent these tips in, to hopefully help you bypass any troubles.”

Windows Vista’s Rants

Chris Pirillo says “My rants on Windows Vista have been legendary. The only reason I’ve been so vocal about it, is because I care. If I didn’t, I’d just leave it be. As someone who felt he was slighted by Windows Vista, I couldn’t stay quiet. Microsoft has lost the community. I am trying to help, in whatever way I can.”

Korean Vista Commercial – 5

A 1 min 39sec Korean Windows Vista commercial staring Ji Hyun Woo. This one shows him using voice commands with Media Center, along with some red wine, to ‘woo’ his date. He then transfers music via blue-tooth to a smartphone, which he then uses to transfer the music to a system in his car.