Adobe’s Shockwave Updated to Support Vista

ShockwaveWhere Adobe Shockwave Version 10 did not officially support Microsoft Windows Vista, Version 11, released yesterday, now does. Though many were able to use the previous version, 64-bit users especially found many issues trying to get it to run properly, or at all. The updated version will work with Internet Explorer 7, as well as Firefox 2.0, and I’ll be installing it on my 64-bit system later today, to confirm it works there. Continue reading “Adobe’s Shockwave Updated to Support Vista”

Vista SP1 Breaks 12 Apps: Are Yours on this List?

BrokenMicrosoft today released a Knowledge Base article called “Information about programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality when they run on a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based computer“. In it, they describe different applications that will not mix well with Vista’s Service Pack 1. This could be anything from lost functionality to not running, or even being deliberately blocked. Continue reading “Vista SP1 Breaks 12 Apps: Are Yours on this List?”

TweakUAC makes it easy to hush Vista’s UAC warnings

TweakUACLifehacker had a feature download today that caught my eye. Called TweakUAC, this utility allows you to quickly ‘quiet’ Vista’s UAC (you know, the one that keep asking if you want to allow things). There are many ways to do this already, but TweakUAC does it without a reboot, which makes it much nicer for quickly turning off and back on again. Continue reading “TweakUAC makes it easy to hush Vista’s UAC warnings”

SPSS gets hotfix for Vista compatibility

SPSSI got an e-mail from SPSS on Tuesday letting me know that there is a hotfix available for SPSS and Amos. The e-mail said, in part:

Vista HOTFIX is now available. This Vista HOTFIX will work for all English and non-English versions of SPSS 15. This hotfix also pertains to Amos 7.0.

NOTE: This Hotfix is for single user and site license installations only. Installations using a network license do not need to apply this Hotfix.

Continue reading “SPSS gets hotfix for Vista compatibility”

ITsVISTA Review: Active@ Password Changer – Reset your forgotten password

Active@ Password ChangerIn tip 50 I showed you how to reset your Vista password using a DOS based boot disc. The tool that I demonstrated is called Active@ Password Changer, and it offers both a DOS and a Windows based tool for reseting your Windows password. With only a couple minor issues, this tool proves itself quite valuable, and does the job it’s designed for perfectly. Continue reading “ITsVISTA Review: Active@ Password Changer – Reset your forgotten password”

ITsVISTA Review: ImgBurn – A free Vista compatible disc image burning package

ImgBurnVista’s built in CD/DVD burning software works for creating data disks, but doesn’t offer the ability to use a disc image file to burn a disc. If you need to burn an image file, you’ll need a third-party application to do it, and thankfully, their are many to choose from. I use ImgBurn, which is not only free, but supports a ton of image types, and works great in Vista. ImgBurn not only handles CD’s and DVD’s, but is already capable of doing HD DVD and Blue-ray discs as well. The download is only 1.5MB, and once install, isn’t much larger than that, so it’s very resource friendly. It even supports command line switches, so it could be run from a batch file. Continue reading “ITsVISTA Review: ImgBurn – A free Vista compatible disc image burning package”