Consider the following scenario:

  1. have a graphics adapter that has 2 GB or more of dedicated (on board) video memory.
  2. You run the inbox Windows tool MSInfo32.exe and look at the Adapter RAM value under Components->Display.

In this scenario, the dedicated video memory on the graphics adapter is reported incorrectly under Adapter RAM. Instead of the expected value showing the memory in gigabytes and bytes, you may instead only see an incorrect value in bytes.


You experience performance issues in applications and services in various versions of Windows XP, of Windows Vista, of Windows Server 2003, and of Windows Server 2008. Additionally, you notice the following symptoms:

  • Available memory is almost exhausted.
  • The system file cache consumes most of the physical RAM.
  • There is a continuous and high volume of cached read requests to the hard disk.

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You may receive a Stop error message that resembles one of the following after you resume a computer from sleep or from hibernation:

Error message 1:


This error occurs on a computer that uses 2 gigabytes (GB) or more of RAM and an nVidia nForce EHCI controller.

Error message 2:


This error occurs because of a race condition in the Usbhub.sys driver. This condition occurs if a USB device driver tries to enter a selective suspend state when a previously canceled selective suspend request has not yet been fully processed.

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The information in this article applies to the following configuration(s):

  • FireGL Unified Driver version 8.362
  • FireGL V7350
  • Windows Vista 64bit Edition

The monitor displays Blue Screen after installation of FireGL Software Suite (64 bit) on a Windows Vista 64bit system with more than 2GB of system memory.

Other ATI products might be affected.