This article describes how to resolve the problems of visualization of icons, including where icons are not displayed for certain types of files in Windows 7.

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  2. Options were first thing I saw and wanted to reropt. A little with transition.Why you simply don’t use a class from Use Google Libraries, it covers everything while your solutions doesn’t?There is no consistency with textdomain: somewhere it is xo-wp, somewhere xo, while somewhere there is no textdomain at all. And you don’t load any textdomain. Plus, add_options_page also needs gettext. I recommend that you change /lang to /languages. Nickolay wrote somewhere that /languages should be standardised, I believe because of future connection between translate.wp.org and plugins repository.

  3. Hey Paul,Was meaning to reply to this the other day, but got sikaerecdtd!Just tried it and it does what I want it to do, except for one instance.I’m trying to override a string that BP uses on an AJAX request (in my case, when a private message is sent, BP outputs a message).I’ve tried overriding the string by hooking into the init action, but not sure if this is the correct action I should be hooking into.Here’s the full function:function ray_override_l10n() {global $l10n;$mo = new MO();$l10n[‘buddypress’] = &$mo;if ( isset( $l10n[‘buddypress’] ) ) {$l10n[‘buddypress’]->entries[‘There was an error sending that message, please try again’]->translations[0] = ‘You are not friends with the person(s) you are attempting to send a message to. Your message has not been sent.’;$l10n[‘buddypress’]->entries[‘There was a problem sending that reply. Please try again.’]->translations[0] = ‘You are not friends with the person(s) you are attempting to send a message to. Your message has not been sent.’;}}add_action( ‘init’, ‘ray_override_l10n’ );Any ideas?

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