Due to the volume of support incidents handled by Microsoft Support Services for issues related to the following hotfixes, these are recommended for installation for the platforms indicated below. These hotfixes are associated with the operation and functionality of the Windows Management Intrumentation(WMI) service and its related components. When experiencing issues related to WMI on a system the symptoms can vary widely depending upon the root cause. The following are a few examples of high-level symptoms noted in support incidents that may be resolved with the application of the indicated hotfixes:

  • Loss of functionality with enterprise management/monitoring software for various machines. Software examples: Microsoft SCOM/SMS, IBM Tivoli, LANDesk Management, HP OpenView, BMC Patrol, etc.
  • Loss of functionality related to Citrix terminal services load-balancing.
  • Loss of functionality for WMI-based scripts.
  • Slow user logon times on Citrix terminal servers.
  • Slow user logon times on Windows clients where WMI-based group policy filters are in-place.

More granular symptoms:

  • Unable to connect to root\default, root\cimv2 and/or root\citrix namespaces via WBEMTEST.
  • Repository growing large related to OBJECTS.DATA file.
  • Note repeating-nested CITRIX namespace entries in WMIMGMT.MSC. WMI CONTROL > PROPERTIES > SECURITY > expand ROOT structure to note missing/repeating namespaces.

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