This article describes step-by-step instructions for mitigating issues you may have connecting to the Internet, or certain websites, on World IPv6 Day (June 8, 2011).

Specifically this article repairs configurations where you have IPv6 connectivity to the Internet, but it is not working properly. This is usually caused by a computer or a router configuring Windows with IPv6 connectivity that is unreliable. This can slow down access to the Internet or participating websites on IPv6 Day.

For more information about World IPv6 Day (June 8, 2011), please see About World IPv6 Day

For more information about this issue and to see if you are affected, please see this blog post.

To see a list of websites participating in World IPv6 Day, please see the Internet Society’s participant’s list.

To use this fix, you must be logged on to the computer as a member of the Administrators group, or your user account must be granted permissions to edit the Windows registry.

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