After you enter the user credentials to log on to your computer, the operating system may stop responding at the Welcome screen. This issue may occur on a computer that is running one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

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  1. I think the sweep of the term “Dancing Bear” is much broader than you may think.Over the past year there have tlcpialyy been more women coming to my classes than men. I believe that this is partly due (blatant sexist remark follows) to women, in general, being more “in tune” with their surroundings. And these women are beginning to feel uncomfortable – leaning towards fearful for their safety. Guys just bull their way through to “I’m a guy, ain’t nutin’ gonna scare me” kind of attitude. Women seem to feel the beginnings of the wheels coming off – and they beginning to consider self-protection.In Iowa there is a minimal requirement for a carry permit – some type of “safe gun handling” course that requires no range time from either a certified instructor or one with law enforcement training. Just a tad above Constitutional Carry.The minimal course I teach is the NRA Basic Pistol course and I require a course “qualification” at the end on the range. This is exceeds all Iowa requirements to receive a carry permit.It is at this point that I notice men and women “merge” in their attitudes on additional training. Those that are actually serious about learning the craft will take our Defensive Pistol I & II courses. Those who simply wanted a permit will buy their gun (usually a cute little automatic al-la LCR/LCP), throw it in their purse or pocket and off they go – never considering additional training. I’d say about 40% take additional training, the rest stop at the basic pistol course, hit the range once a year and pray they never need their weapon. (I believe this is equally true for men and women.)So I see this as NOT a woman vs. man issue – I believe it’s an educational issue in defining and explaining the true need for more/annual/consistent training. Both need to understand that intro courses are just that – intro and the skillset needed to use their weapon in self-dense takes much more than a 4 or 8 hour one day course. And while both men and women “hear” the words during the basic course – at the end of the day they fail to actually hear the need for additional training.That is a question I work on all the time and would be interested to know how you and the other instructors reading your posts approach it. What is your “marketing” process for moving students towards more training??

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