On a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, the Ftp.exe utility creates broken messages in the output logs. When this issue occurs, applications that monitor the Ftp output messages may not work correctly.

This issue occurs under certain conditions. For example, this issue may occur when you apply some Ftp commands to a target location that does not exist. This issue may also occur if the language locale is not set correctly in the Ftp.exe utility.

For example, on a computer whose language locale is English, you use the lcd Ftp command to change the working directory to the C:\aaaaa directory:

ftp> lcd C:\aaaaa

If the C:\aaaaa directory does not exist, the expected output message is as follows:

\aaaaa: File not found

However, you receive an output message that resembles the following:

\aaaaa: F

Note: The appearance of the broken message may vary, depending on the language locale in your computer.

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