Consider the following scenario:

  • On a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, an application uses the SetupVerifyInfFile function to validate an.inf file.
  • The function uses the AltPlatformInfo parameter.
  • The version of the .inf file is newer than the version of the operating system.
    In this scenario, the validation fails.

For example, assume that you install a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 site server. Then, assume that you try to import a Windows 7 driver into an Operating System Deployment (OSD) image. In this scenario, the driver import fails. At the same time, you receive the following error message:

Error: Failed to import the following drivers: <Driver file> The selected driver is not applicable to any supported platforms.

Note: SCCM 2007 uses the SetupVerifyInfFile function to validate the .inf file.

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