An update is available for all the Microsoft products that use Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS). This update prevents you from receiving error messages that are related to the application manifest expiry feature of the AD RMS clients.

As a follow up to the Office 2003 Information Rights Management (IRM) update, Microsoft has made additional changes in AD RMS. The application manifest expiry feature of AD RMS is no longer required.

After careful review of the original design of the AD RMS client, Microsoft has determined that the application manifest expiry feature can be completely removed. The application manifest expiry feature was a legacy feature in the original product. This feature allowed for more specific control of the applications that can access AD RMS protected content. The functionality that was provided by this feature is now included in other features that are contained in AD RMS, such as Application Exclusion and Windows Software Restrictions policies. These new features provide a new approach to allow for controlling what applications can run in your enterprise. The new approach puts the control in your hands.

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