Consider the following scenario:

  • You try to print a file on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.
  • The printer uses the WinPrint print processor.
  • The file contains only one page. However, the printed output contains more than one page.
  • You print more than one copy of the file.
  • You select the Collate option in the Print dialog box.

In this scenario, the output is ordered as if the Collate option is not selected.

Note: Printers may have several features that can cause the printed output to contain more pages than the original file. This includes the following features:

  • Add front or back covers
  • Insert pages at specified locations in a print job
  • Insert separator pages
  • Print with a saved job. For example, adding a cover letter to a saved document and printing them together as one job.

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