When you try to install the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator, the iSCSI Software Initiator Setup program does not select the default options as expected. Instead, the iSCSI Software Initiator Setup program selects the options as follows:

  • The Initiator Service check box is not selected.
  • The Software Initiator check box is not selected.
  • The Microsoft MPIO Multipathing Support for iSCSI check box is selected.

If you continue the installation together with the options selected as described, the Microsoft MPIO components may be updated. However, the iSCSI Initiator Service component and the iSCSI Initiator component are not actually installed.

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  1. The same command shulod work with DRAC5, but make sure you have upgraded to the latest DRAC firmware earlier versions may not have the NIC MAC addresses.

  2. Ugh, have fun. I honestly ejnyoed playing with iSCSI and setting it up, super simple and less of a hassle than I thought it would be But don’t ever buy a Promise SAN. What a sack of garbage their WebGUI and command line consoles are. Too much fluff, slow, and just all around a pain in the ass to deal with.Never heard of EMC, but I need to put in a new SAN for these new HIPAA meaningful use regulations coming out Lemme know how you like it, cause I’m looking for exactly what you just bought

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