A user tries to install a networking component (like a network Protocol, NDIS IM or MUX driver, NDIS Light Weight Filter drivers or network Service), either through the Network Configuration Panel Applet (NCPA) Connection properties or via an application. If the user is a member of Network Configuration Operators group, any bindings that involve a filter driver (NDIS IM, MUX and LWF drivers) will not be created.

If the above user installs a filter driver, it will appear to be installed, but will not be loaded.
If the user installs a Protocol or Net-Service driver, any bindings that involve a filter driver will not be created.

The installation will appear to have succeded, and the component appears to be bound in the network stack. No visible error messages are displayed or logged. A review of the of the adapter’s properties (under “This connection uses the following items”) will give the appearance that the installation was successful.

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