On a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista, you may receive the following Stop error:


Note: This Stop error may also be caused by other problems.

This problem usually occurs when the Netbt.sys driver is loaded and unloaded frequently.

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  1. I recently installed this hotfix and stumbled on this site when I found the file in the local C: drive folder and googled it to see exactly what it was I unzipped it twice and was not sure where the second copy unzipped to. I am an Electrical Engineer and I fix a lot of computers hardware/software upgrades, and virus removals mostly for friends and family but am looking to expand.

    i was getting that BSOD for nearly a year or since I had the computer mostly but for some reason I was convinced that I had googled it and was resolved to the notion that it was a RAM issue and was ready to go out and upgrade/replace my RAM when I decided to google it one more time to be sure. At that point I was crashing several times a day. Prior to that it would only occur sporadically. But by then it was too much to ignore.

    I googled it and lo and behold there was a specific issue with Vista 6.0 regarding the 0XD1 Stop error. I immediately requested the hotfix. I was pleased that the response was swift and the link was sent to my email account which I proceeded to download. Upon downloading the file was password protected and double clicking and entering the provided password the file failed to install returning a specific error message.

    After several tries and failed installations I consulted several forums and came across a solution. In Vista the file has to be run from an Adminstrator account. Even though I am the computer admin, I still had to right mouse click on the file and select run as admin in order for it to install correctly.

    The file installed correctly and I have been enjoying the most stable Vista experience since purchasing my system over a year ago. If anyone is experiencing this phenom it is well worth the time and effort to install this hotfix. But as it states on the Microsoft website if you are not experiencing this specific stop error
    STOP 0×000000D1 ( , , , ) DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL you should not install this hotfix. It has improved my systems stability 100%. I have had the error only once or twice since the hotfix (4/27/10) but that is a huge improvement over two or more times a day.

    Hope this post is helpful to someone else who is experiencing similar issues.

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