Consider the following scenario:

  • You create a customized Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that is based on the Active Directory Users and Computers (Dsa.msc) snap-in.
  • In the customized snap-in console, you create an Actions pane. In this Action pane, you create a new task that opens an entry by expanding multiple levels of an object structure hierarchy.
  • You open the customized console, and then you click the new task.

In this scenario, you receive one of the following error messages:

Error 1

MMC cannot complete the task because an error occurred

Error 2

The specified action could not be completed

Additionally, the number of error messages that appear equals the number of levels that the new task opens. For example, if an Actions pane is selected to open domain, level1, level2, and level3. In this case, you receive the error message three times consecutively after each error message is closed.

Note: This problem does not occur if, before you open the task, the hierarchical entry is already expanded.

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