Consider the following scenario in the Active Directory domain environment:

  • You configure a Group Policy object for “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.”
  • You customize the “Rule merging” settings of the firewall properties to “No” in the Group Policy.
  • You configure the “Connect to a Network Projector” rule group and set the rules to “Enabled” and “Allow.”
  • In the clients local firewall configuration, the “Connect to a Network Projector” rule group is set to “Enabled” and “Allow.”

In this scenario, when you try to start a network projector on a Windows Vista-based client computer, you may receive the following message:

Do you want to allow the network projector to communicate with your computer through Windows Firewall?

When you click Yes to allow the computer to communicate with the network projector over the network, you receive the following error message:

Unable to change Windows Firewall settings.

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