When you try to install a Windows Vista Service Pack, You may encounter the following error message:

Install Windows Service Pack

Installation was not successful
Unspecified error
Error: E_FAIL(0x80004005)

When you view the %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log, you will find the following entries:

[Date Time], Info CSI 00000704 Calling generic command executable (sequence 54 (0x00000036)): [20]”C:\Windows\bfsvc.exe”
CmdLine: [63]””C:\Windows\bfsvc.exe” C:\Windows\boot /nosystem32boot /nofonts”

[Date Time], Error CSI 00000709 (F) Done with generic command 54 (0x00000036); CreateProcess returned 0, CPAW returned S_OK
Process exit code 15299 (0x00003bc3) resulted in success? FALSE
Process output: [l:60 [60]”BFSVC: Failed to get system partition! Last Error = 0x3bc3

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