When you use a user account that is configured with a roaming profile to log on to a computer, the roaming user profile is not loaded as expected. The system loads the local copy of the user profile.

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  1. Which page are you talking about eatlxcy? With the parent theme update, the theme now uses WordPress’s built-in post-type archives, and not the custom event archiving that was used before. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to post in the .

  2. I am torn between the black and white of them stinitg on the bridge or the one of them in the tunnel. Then again I like the one with the barn too all of them are great!!! I am so excited to see the wedding photos!

  3. Hello! Been keeping up with you since you joenid my hop at Sock Monkey Sweeps!..I would still love to be on your Blog Hop list, its ongoing. And to be honest, one of my favorite things. I enjoy meeting all the different people..like you:)

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