Users who are logged on to a Windows Server 2008 Server, a Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server, or a Windows Vista client, request certificates through “certmgr.msc”.

During the request they get the following error message in certificate request wizard:

The certificate request cannot be created. The profile for the user is a temporary profile.

The profiles aren’t temp profiles; there are no error messages in the application or system event log of the affected system.

It is not the problem fixed in Windows 2000. For more information about the problem in Windows 2000, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

265357 Roaming Profiles Cannot Create Key Containers

Instead there may be installed third party profile management software. This software marks the loaded profile as a “temporary profile” even if it is loaded correctly.

You have to disable the third party profile management software or contact the vendor of the software in order to solve this problem.

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