Microsoft is announcing the availability of an update that corrects a functionality feature that can help customers in keeping their systems protected. The update corrects an issue that prevents the NoDriveTypeAutoRun registry key from functioning as expected.

When functioning as expected, the NoDriveTypeAutoRun registry key can be used to selectively disable Autorun functionality (e.g. AutoPlay, double click, and contextual menu features associated with Autorun) for drives on a user’s system and network. Disabling Autorun functionality can help protect customers from attack vectors that involve the execution of arbitrary code by Autorun when inserting a CD-ROM device, USB device, network shares, or other media containing a file system with an Autorun.inf file.

In order to take advantage of the registry key settings that disable Autorun, customers running Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008-based systems must install the security update provided in the MS08-038 (950582) security bulletin.

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