When you use an application to print a graphics document on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, horizontal white bars or black boxes may unexpectedly appear in the output. This problem may occur when the DrvPlgBlt function is called to downscale an image.

This problem occurs only with certain combinations of applications and printer drivers. For example, this problem may occur when you print a graphics document in Adobe Photoshop in booklet mode by using a monochrome printer driver that supports Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language 2 (HPGL2).

Note: This issue is not caused by the applications or printer drivers.

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  1. 2 years agoI want to retrieve my texts from Nokia 3500 to Nokia e63. I am facnig the same problem that is, I cannot save my texts from personal folders through Nokia PC suite. Hence, i saved them in a .csv file. However the problem is when i connect my e63 to nokia suite, my personal folders do not appear. Neither is there any tab for Add New Folder . Moreover, when i click on Inbox, there is no workable tab for Import . If i import the .csv file to the Drafts, the name of the sender does not appear in the text.Please help.Reply

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