On a storage device that is used by a Windows Server 2008-based or by a Windows Vista-based computer, you encounter problems when you manipulate logical unit numbers in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1
You run the Virtual Disk Service (VDS) Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT) 2.64 that is included with the Windows Logo Kit on the computer. During this test, a logical unit number (LUN) on the storage device is masked and then unmasked. In this scenario, the test fails, and the following error is returned:

Bad result (0x80004002) from IVdsDisk_Test::QueryInterface for disk (line 9036)

Scenario 2
You use the Storage Manager for SANs (SMFS) wizard to create, unmask, and format a LUN in a single operation. When you do this, you receive the following error message:

Storage Manager for SANs was able to create the LUN, but could not create the volume because the disk did not arrive in 5 minutes.

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