On a Windows Vista-based computer, you may experience the following media playback problems.

Problem 1
When you play some MPEG-2 videos in a multimedia application, the application crashes if it starts multiple instances of the MPEG-2 decoder at the same time. For example, this problem typically occurs when you play multiple MPEG-2 videos in a playlist. When you do this, the application crashes when one video ends and the next video starts.

Problem 2
Consider the following scenario:

  • The computer has multiple graphics adapters installed and multiple monitors connected.
  • You play a DVD or a TV program in Windows Media Center.
  • You start Windows Media Center on a secondary monitor, or you move Windows Media Center to a secondary monitor while the video is playing.

In this scenario, the video that is displayed on the secondary monitor may appear garbled. Or, Windows Media Center may crash.

These problems occur only on computers that have certain graphics hardware installed.

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