On a Windows-based computer, devices that stream data over more than two isochronous channels by using IEEE 1394 connections may have choppy or distorted output. Typically, the issue occurs when multiple instances of isochronous data, such as audio data and video data, are streamed over the IEEE 1394 connections.

Note: This problem may also occur on a single physical device that has multiple channels of isochronous data. For example, this problem may also occur on an audio mixing board that outputs multiple audio channels over separate isochronous channels.

For example, you may have multiple digital video cameras, audio input devices, or both, that are connected to the computer by using the IEEE 1394 connections. In this case, streaming video that is output from the digital video cameras may appear choppy and may not have a smooth and steady frame rate. Steaming audio from the audio devices may have distorted sound.

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