The following are the known issues when using Autodesk Inventor 2008 on Windows Vista:


  • OpenGL hardware acceleration is not supported.
  • Some codecs cannot be used when generating AVI files.
  • The Add-in Manager may not function if you changing the status of Add-ins. You must turn off the User Access Control (UAC) and log on as “administrator.”
  • The Autodesk CAD Manager Tools cannot be used immediately after they have been installed. You must first install the Autodesk CAD application.
  • You cannot choose “Change” in Uninstall or change a program while the UAC is on.
  • Inventor cannot be uninstalled if the UAC is on.
  • The DWG file icons used for template files are not displayed correctly for non-administrator users.
  • The files located in the Program Files folder can be edited using folder virtualization, but any changes you make to these files cannot be seen by other user accounts.


  • Microsoft RLE and Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 codecs cannot be used to record Drive Constraint animations.

Cable & Harness:

  • When the User Access Control is turned on, the Push method used to create nailboards may fail to locate the drawing templates. If this occurs, do one of the following to create nailboards:
    • Use the Pull method.
    • Turn off the UAC.
    • Log on to Vista with administrator rights.

DWG/DWF files:

  • The DWG import wizard viewer “Selective import” control is empty: You may notice in the DWGIN wizard’s viewer page that the “Selective import” control is empty (this control lists the layers in a DWG file). This indicates that a module needed by the viewer is not registered (because a lack of user privileges) and. In Click Start > locate the program for “Command Prompt, ” and right-click it as run the program with the option “Run as administrator”

    To register You cannot start the cmd.exe from Run…” menu for this procedure. When the command prompt is active, navigate to where dxoemviewer.arx is located (c:\program files\aoemview 2008, by default), and then enter the following:

    Regsvr32 dxoemviewer.arx

  • Preview may be missing (in the open dialog box) for dwg files created using DWGOUT in Vista.
  • Options under Selective import may be missing in the DWGIN wizard.
  • Inventor may not exit after a DWF publish using the API.
  • Inventor DWG / AutoCAD DWG are not filtered properly on File > Open dialog box.

DWG TrueConnect:

  • Save as DWG to IDW may result in a DWG file rather than an IDW file and vice versa.


  • IGES/STEP translation report cannot be edited or viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Inventor Studio:

  • Large numbers in editable parameter fields may appear truncated.

Multi-sheet Plot:

  • You may experience difficulty when multi-selecting files using the Ctrl and/or Shift keys in the file selection pane of MS Plot.
  • If a second printer is added in addition to the default printer, Multi Sheet Plot does not print to that second printer, but only to the default printer.

Stress Analysis:

  • Inventor and Stress Analysis may become unstable if the Stress Analysis add-in is un-loaded and re-loaded while Inventor is open.
  • You must restart the system before using Stress Analysis even if no restart prompt is presented during the installation process.

Task scheduler:

  • Tasks that are rescheduled do not run on the rescheduled time but run according to the originally scheduled time.
  • The invisible Inventor process that Task Scheduler spawns may experience hangs.

You may click on the link below for more information on Autodesk Inventor 2008 issues and support by following 2008 Information link.


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