You open Windows Explorer in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008. However, when you use the List format to view the contents of a folder, the following issues may occur.

Scenario 1

In Windows Explorer, you create a file that has such a long name that the name cannot be fully displayed in the active window. In this scenario, the file that has the long name moves out of the visible region when you perform one of the following actions:

  • You try to rename the file that has the long name, or you rename any other file that is in the active window.
  • You create a new file in the active window.

If you press F5 to update Windows Explorer, the file is visible again.

Scenario 2

The scroll box moves alternately to the right side and to the left side when you perform the following actions:

  • You create many files that do not fit in a single Windows Explorer view.
  • You select a file in any column other than the last column.
  • You use the arrow keys to move between files.

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