When you watch video or Live TV on a Windows Vista-based computer, you experience the following issues.

Issue 1

While you are watching Live TV in Windows Media Center, you put the computer into standby. Then, you resume the computer from standby, and you continue to watch Live TV. Although video playback starts successfully after you resume the computer from standby, the video playback application stops responding (hangs) after about two seconds.

Issue 2

You play video content that contains multiple video resolution formats. For example, the content contains formats of both 1440 × 1080 pixels and 1920 × 1080 pixels. In this situation, the video playback application stops rendering after the content changes from one format to another.

For example, assume that you play the video content, you click Pause in the video playback application, and then you try to drag the slider to the right side of the seek bar. In this situation, you cannot drag the slider, and the application stops responding.

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