Applications that are built with a new dependency on the Visual C++ RunTime Library version 7.0, the Visual C++ RunTime Library version 8.0, or the Visual C++ RunTime Library version 9.0 (MSVCR80.dll or MSVCR90.dll) may not correctly observe regional settings. Or, these applications may not start when they are configured to use the default code page of a Unicode-only locale.

To view a list of locales that are supported in Windows, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
The locales that are listed as Unicode only in the “ANSI code page” column do not have a corresponding ANSI code page. Some software that uses the CRT for managing locale-specific will not accept these locales. This currently applies to the following locales.

Identifier	Locale	Locale name	Script tag
0x045e 	Amharic (Ethiopia) 	am-ET	Ethi
0x042b 	Armenian (Armenia) 	hy-AM	Armn
0x044d 	Assamese (India) 	as-IN	Beng
0x0445 	Bengali (India) 	bn-IN	Beng
0x0465 	Divehi (Maldives) 	dv-MV	Thaa
0x0437 	Georgian (Georgia) 	ka-GE	Geor
0x0447 	Gujarati (India) 	gu-IN	Gujr
0x0439 	Hindi (India) 	hi-IN	Deva
0x045d 	Inuktitut (Canada) 	iu-Cans-CA	Cans
0x044b 	Kannada (India) 	kn-IN	Knda
0x0453 	Khmer (Cambodia) 	kh-KH	Khmr
0x0457 	Konkani (India) 	kok-IN	Deva
0x0454 	Lao (Lao PDR) 	lo-LA	Laoo
0x044c 	Malayalam (India) 	ml-IN	Mlym
0x044e 	Marathi (India) 	mr-IN	Deva
0x0850 	Mongolian (PRC) 	mn-Mong-CN	Mong
0x0461 	Nepali (Nepal) 	ne-NP	Deva
0x0448 	Oriya (India) 	or-IN	Orya
0x0446 	Punjabi (India) 	pa-IN	Guru
0x044f 	Sanskrit (India) 	sa-IN	Deva
0x045b 	Sinhala (Sri Lanka) 	si-LK	Sinh
0x045a 	Syriac (Syria) 	syr-SY	Syrc
0x0449 	Tamil (India) 	ta-IN	Taml
0x044a 	Telugu (India) 	te-IN	Telu
0x0851 	Tibetan (Bhutan) 	bo-BT	Tibt
0x0451 	Tibetan (PRC) 	bo-CN	Tibt
0x0478 	Yi (PRC) 	ii-CN	Yiii

This may cause the program to fail on startup, or behave unpredictably in user interfaces where localization is relevant.

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