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  1. Joseph,

    I can’t find it at the minute, but I read in a forum yesterday that someone figured out that if you set something in the slipstreaming process (the cmd box maybe?) to “run in XP compatibility mode” then you CAN do a good XP SP3 slipstream on Vista without mucking up the keys. Darn if I can find it now.

    See this other post I turned up. Interestingly related:

    Windows XP SP3: Slipstream Issues Under Vista


    I’ll post if I find it.

  2. Think I found it.

    Forum reports are that you can use nLite slipstreaming tool to build your XP SP3 slipstream on Vista.

    But the trick to getting the VLK’s to work when built on Vista is to run nLite under program compatibility mode set set to XP SP2.

    Fix for VLKs not working on XP SP3

    Haven’t tested it myself yet, but have seen in a few different forum locations….wonder if anyone else can confirm?

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