3 Replies to “4sysops – Vista’s adoption rate is faster than Windows XP’s – The latest Gartner forecast – What is wrong with our media?”

  1. What? A faster adoption rate? To what, to the trash bin?

    I was one of the earlier adopters and after forking over much tango denero to buy this sorry excuse for an operating system, I soon came to realize it would be littered with more bugs than a 400 year-old wooden porch.

    Crashes occured daily, blue screens a plenty. You name it. And that is not even considering the lack of driver support. This GIGO operating system found ways to surprise me, and in a bad way.

    So I waited patiently, thinking SP1 would save the day. Last week, I installed SP1, only to have this operating system show me new blue screens of frozen tundra. Crashing daily, sometimes twice a day! This for me is quite common. And this is a clean install computer!

    Gates, give me back my damn money! You should be paying me to use this junk!

  2. i agree 100% with the person about vista blue screens and the screwing we are getting . why hasn’t someone looked into something that can be done about holding vista and its developers accountable? just rushing the product to market for the sake of money instead of being more concerned about the consumers that purchase the product. they are the same as the oil companies. profits first, consumers last. very frustrating!!!

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