Adobe’s Shockwave Updated to Support Vista

ShockwaveWhere Adobe Shockwave Version 10 did not officially support Microsoft Windows Vista, Version 11, released yesterday, now does. Though many were able to use the previous version, 64-bit users especially found many issues trying to get it to run properly, or at all. The updated version will work with Internet Explorer 7, as well as Firefox 2.0, and I’ll be installing it on my 64-bit system later today, to confirm it works there.

Many people confuse Flash and Shockwave. Flash is a vector-based program designed to create and display small files on the web, and it accomplishes this by limiting the types of images and media that can be displayed. What does Shockwave do? Shockwave is a player for content created in Adobe’s Director platform, which can include “interactive content—that includes photo-quality images, full-screen or long-form digital video, sounds, animation, 3D models, text, hypertext, and Macromedia Flash content—and be able to control how and when these elements appear, move, sound, and change while the movie plays”.

Download Shockwave 11 now!

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  2. Seems to have downloaded and installed correctly. Will be monitoring the next few day to see if anything out of the ordinary happens 😉

  3. I still have to find a site that uses “shockwave”. The most of site (99,99%) use “flash” and NOT “shockwave”. So I think “shockwave” is an useless plug-in. I never install shockwave.

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  5. Adobe Flash will work, but Macromedia Shockwave will not work even with,
    uninstallation and all programs closed
    registry edit,
    install Shockwave 11,5,
    moving the Macromedia “Shockwave 11” folder with files to the Macromed folder,
    leaving the files in the “Shockwave 11” folder in Adobe folder.

    It is impossible to get it to work. Athough, it will work in Firefox by installing the plugin.

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