ITsVISTA Web Links: July 17th, 2007

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about Norton’s ‘Removal Tool’ problem
    how important is the Tunnel Interface Driver in Vista and how can I get it back I have already used the norton removal tool
    Is there no end to the problems Norton cause
    I will never be paying them anthing ever I wish my laptop had come with no anti-virus rather than Norton’s free trial

  2. Re: Norton Removal Tool

    Talk about being a day late!

    The reason the NRT is being used on Vista is that the beta version of NAV 2008 doesn’t install properly, hanging up half way thru the installation. Left with a partially installed NAV, you basically have no choice but to use the NRT to clean things up enough to get your system back.

    I guess that the tunnel interface driver is used to establish VPN connections, so if you don’t use VPN (Virtual Private Networking), you’re safe without it.

  3. Just a followup for anyone who reads this:

    Symantec has released a new version of the Norton Removal Tool that handles the 2008 versions of their product, and presumably addresses these network driver issues.

    After running it against my failed NAV 2008 installation, I was again able to install NAV 2007 on Vista 32. The new 2008 Symantec network monitoring drivers appeared to be properly removed (can’t be done manually).

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