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ITsVISTA KB-Link: KB962943

You receive a Stop 0x0000007e error message on a blue screen when the AppPoolCredentials attribute is set to true and you use a domain account as the application pool identity in IIS 7.0

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Web application that is running in Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 on a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer.
  • You have both Windows Authentication and Kernel Mode authentication enabled.
    Note: This is by default.
  • You have the useAppPoolCredentials attribute set to true in the authentication section in the Applicationhost.config file. You may have added this attribute to allow the use of Kerberos authentication when you use a domain account for the application pool identity. For example, this attribute must be added when you are running a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server site. The authentication section resembles the following.

    [windowsAuthentication enabled="true" useKernelMode="true" useAppPoolCredentials="true"/]

    Note: The Applicationhost.config file is located in the Drive:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config folder.

In this scenario, the operating system may crash. Additionally, you receive a Stop 0x0000007e error message on a blue screen.

Note: This problem typically occurs on Web servers that host Office SharePoint Server 2007. This problem occurs because of the configuration requirements of Office SharePoint Server 2007 when Kerberos authentication is used. However, the problem may occur for any kind of Web site that is using Kernel Mode authentication, Kerberos authentication, and a domain account as the custom application pool identity.

There is a download that resolves this issue. See Hotfixes for details.
32-bit Download: Contact Microsoft
64-Bit Download: Contact Microsoft

For more information on this issue, including potential causes, workarounds, and resolutions, see: Microsoft KB Article KB962943.

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