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ITsVISTA Tip 4: Vista’s Snipping Tool Captures More Than My Screen

TipsWhile the old ‘Prnt Scrn’ still works in Vista to capture the entire screen to the clipboard, you then need to paste that image into a program so you can grab the part you want, and save it to disk. Vista’s new Snipping Tool simplifies this task.

Available under the Start menu’s Programs/Accessories (or simply type Snipping Tool in the search box), Snipping Tool allows you to capture the entire screen, the active window, a rectangle, or even a ‘freestyle’ selection. Once captured, it can save the file to disk as HTML, JPG, GIF, or PNG. If you have the mail program setup, you can also e-mail the file.

That’s not all. Beyond just capturing and saving part of your screen, you can annotate or highlight parts of the capture with the pen and highlighting tools. Below I’ve captures a freeform window, highlighted a few things, and used the pen to draw an arrow and write ‘OK!’.

In the next capture (part of the Snipping Tool’s Help page) I turned off the colored line around the outside, and used the rectangular tool. It also contains some highlighting, and the pen was used in two different colors to underline text.

The new Vista Snipping Tool is a great addition, especially for someone putting together a tutorial like this. The ironic thing is that I couldn’t use the Snipping Tool to capture the first two images on this page, since the interface disappears when you click to select something (so I had to fall back on Prnt Scrn). It did work for the last two, and very easily I might add, not only capturing my screen, but also my heart (violin music plays in background)…

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